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Yay for going to see movies... Except I keep not realizing how late… - pistachiothief [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 9th, 2006|03:38 pm]
Yay for going to see movies... Except I keep not realizing how late the showings actually are. For An Inconvenient Truth it was even later because of Jay Inslee's talk, which I really appreciated but it meant I didn't really get to talk much with my friend who was staying at our house that night... And for Pirates of the Carribean it was just a long movie.

I read some movie reviews for The Pirates - one that said it was really bad and one that said it was really good. I could see both of their perspectives. That's why I am bad at determining whether I like movies or not. I think I liked the first Pirates movie better, since I thought the Davy Jones stuff was a bit overdramatic, him playing his organ and all. This movie made me feel really giddy though - I was a little embarassed. I kept giggling at really silly slapstick stuff. But hey, that's good once in a while. ^__^

Today our friends who moved to Atlanta came to visit for a breakfast/brunch... We ate so much food and it was really fun to see them. It did mean that I was playing with the three-year-old daughter a bunch, but it was fun to see her again, so what the heck. Plus, since I've seen her last she grew up a lot - much more reasoning skills and she talks much more, too. As I said, it was fun.

Italy won the World Cup!!! I think it was good because this one French player did a really dirty/mean thing to an Italian player when they were in a time out. They must have been bantering each other or something, but he turned around and head butted him in the chest. It was really shocking. The ref didn't see it but the people in the stands were going nuts and the linesmen saw it so he got kicked out. That's just so... dirty. I don't know. I think you should respect the game more than that if you're at that level. We watched the overtime and shootout. It was really close... Exciting!