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Yuck [Jun. 30th, 2006|06:48 pm]
I feel under the weather. Like an umbrella. Or a balloon. Or the entire planet (minus that bit that is over the weather)...


In other news, I've completely run out of laundry and I feel like I'm living out of a box.

My mom wanted to go out to dinner.. To the pub. I asked if I could go there, being under 21 and all. She said yes. She was wrong. We ended up going to Doc's Marina Grill and I saw Kelsey Devereaux on her first night of waitressing!
...I don't think I could ever be a waitress. Also saw Jacob Friemark, Erin Clune, and some other people who graduated a while ago whose names elude me.

Yay for diploma!

I did so much paper work and shit today. Stupid college. It was interesting to do the student loan interview thingies online... meaning I have to read a bunch of stuff and answer multiple choice questions to make sure I read it. Very funny... like doing SAT practice or something. But actually the SAT/WASL reading stuff is usually pretty interesting. Until they ask "how is the author feeling as they are writing this?" and "what did the author most likely have for lunch?"

ahh... standardized testing. hats off to you.